Privacy Stuff

(I don’t even know if I really need to add this section, but it won’t harm)

This blog is as basic as it can get, being a statically generated site that just presents the articles I write and commit to GitHub in this repo.

I do however use some third party stuff to help getting this up and running so, a quick list:


I use Netlify to build the blog from the GitHub repo and host it on their servers.

As to what concerns data by this blog’s visitors, as mentioned by Netlify here, the access logs containing the IP addresses are kept for less than 30 days.

Plausible Analytics

Just to know if someone is actually visiting the site (and of course some other insights) I use Plausible.

Unlike Google Analytics, Plausible is privacy focused, so it doesn’t collect personal data, targeting the minimum amount of data needed to analyse a site’s traffic. More information about data policy on Plausible’s web site.


Besides using GitHub to host the projects I usually talk about here, I sometimes use it to host some code snippets using the provided widgets, so GitHub might also collect some info on this.


I embed some YouTube videos, some I record and others by third parties. Again, due to using the provided widgets, Google might collect some info regarding these videos.