This post will focus on installing the Docker engine and then running the applications we need to make the blog work as Docker containers. I’m not the best to explain all about Docker, so I’ll focus on what I needed to do to get the blog running. If you really want to learn about Docker there are lots of good resources out there, starting with Docker’s own documentation (which I used a lot).

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So this post is gonna be more of a “getting started with a virtual machine in a cloud provider” sort of thing, not very advanced, just a simple step by step guide for someone who never did it. Cloud Providers Like I said in the intro to this series of posts, I’m using Linode mainly for it being slightly cheaper than Digital Ocean (referred as DO from now on) which I was using before it.

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So I guess a good article to begin with would be to explain how I got this site up. Even more fitting is it has nothing to do with .NET, which you would expect would be on the debut article around this parts (rest assured those will come like a stampede :) ). So, let me start by summarize how this thing is working: The server is a Linode [1] virtual machine.

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And with this legendary quote [1] , I open the hostilities in this new blog. I’ve been thinking about creating something like this for a while, but the thought that probably I didn’t have much to add to the myriad of coding blogs and sites out there, and maybe a tad of laziness, has delayed me for a couple of years. My main goal is to talk about specific problems I had and how I solved them.

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