This week has been a little slower, but I still have some nice stuff to share while I’m finishing up a post on a little PoC I did with gRPC (code here). Articles “Why junior devs should review seniors’ commits” Some good reasons for all developers to be involved in the code review process, not just the senior ones. “What does a good side project look like?" While I disagree that one must have side projects, if there’s interest in having one, these article talks about some of the possible benefits of it.

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Some more reading/watching material. A bit more Go this week, as I would love to use it to build something but haven’t got around to do it - my attention span in pet projects is terrible, I start one thing then get another idea and forget the previous :) Articles “Is the repository pattern useful with Entity Framework Core?" An alternative point of view on the much used repository pattern.

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Here comes another round of interesting reads/watches. Articles “Command line “tab” completion for .NET Core CLI in PowerShell or bash” Something I had no clue that existed:.NET command line autocomplete and static file server. “Diving deep into JavaScript array – evolution & performance “ Some insights on the array performance in JavaScript. “Dataflow (Task Parallel Library)" I had no clue there was an actor model like API tied into the TPL.

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Articles “Creating Domain-Driven Design entity classes with Entity Framework Core” Nice approach to implement domain driven design entity classes using EF Core. Some prior ideas on DDD might help in better understanding the article, but at very least it might pique your interest in learning more about it. “Exploring the Microsoft.AspNetCore.App shared framework in ASP.NET Core 2.1 (preview 1)" Overview of the way an ASP.NET Core application dependencies are handled, and the changes introduced from 2.

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Here comes another round of (interesting?) links! Articles “Stack Overflow Developer Survey Results 2018” Always good to check out the state of our world. “Service Fabric is going open source” I’m sharing this not really for the content itself, which is not very thorough on the subject, but because we keep seeing this fundamental shift in Microsoft’s strategy, making more and more stuff open source, and that’s very cool!

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Well, this is a very written about topic isn’t it? I wasn’t going to write about it, given the myriad of articles that already exist on the subject, but whilst watching the news today some extra ideas on it emerged and I thought, what the hell, I’ll add one of my one to the never ending list. I’m not going for a pros and cons approach, those were already written plenty of times.

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Haven’t shared anything in a while, but that doesn’t mean I’m not up to something (I even recorded a video based on the [Docker + Angular + ASP.NET Core]({% post_url 2018-01-31-quick-intro-to-docker-and-docker-compose-angular-aspnetcore-postgres-app %}) post, but the sound turned out crappy and I scratched that). To try to avoid these times I don’t share something I created, I thought of starting a (hopefully) weekly “magazine” linking to some stuff I’ve been reading/watching.

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Intro I wanted to play a little with Docker Compose so I created a little PoC that had the usual components of a web application: a frontend, a backend and a supporting database. Sample code to follow along here. Sample overview As I was just looking for the simplest thing just to make all the bits work together, I whipped out a pretty stupid scenario. The application basically lists some counters and increments each one as it’s selected.

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Just added a new video, talking about the blog’s move from WordPress (and all that infrastructure I talked about in these series of posts) to a static site, generated using Jekyll and hosted using Netlify. A side note that I forgot to mention in the video: when using Jekyll, we need to set the environment variable JEKYLL_ENV to production, or stuff like Google Analytics and Disqus comments won’t work, as it’s disabled by default unless we’re in production.

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Intro This post will be simple and try to act as a discussion starter on unit testing static methods. I’m not the greatest fan of making static stuff, mainly because I’ve been burned by it in the past (the fact is that static was being used badly in those cases, but even so, if I can, I’ll avoid it) but I understand it’s the best way to do things sometimes.

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