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Hey folks!

My name is João Antunes and I’m a tech professional who’s always trying to push things forward. Interested in everything related to the software development process, including the development itself, solutions architecture, as well as other activities, like promoting technical discussions, knowledge sharing and helping colleagues level up.

I’ve worked across different projects and industries, developing (micro)services, web applications, IPTV applications and a bunch of other stuff. When developing, I’ve mainly focused on backend systems but always trying to keep an eye on what’s going on in the frontend.

In terms of tech stack, my main focus has been .NET and C#, but I’ve worked with other technologies and enjoy trying and learning new things as much as possible.

I spend a good amount of time trying to keep up and learn new things, not only to improve on subjects relevant to my day-to-day job, but also exploring subjects that aren’t (at least yet) part of it, so I improve my knowledge breadth, and have a bigger picture view when it’s relevant.

I have a blog (where you’re at) and a YouTube channel (linked below) where I talk about all things software development. I also do occasional presentations at meetups, conferences and related events.

Big remote work supporter, as I believe the tech industry is in a privileged position to provide the best work-life balance, skipping unneeded commutes and relocations, while also being an example to the other industries.

Currently working at Devoteam Portugal.

Outside the programming world, I’m a bit of gadget addict, headbanger (didn’t you notice something familiar about the site title?) and am found regularly ranting about something 🙂

Feel free to drop a comment, hit me up on Twitter or if you prefer LinkedIn, I’m always open for a chat. If you’re a young developer (or even if you’re a more experienced one) feel free to reach out if you’d like some advice, discuss a topic I know about, need to be introduced to someone I know, or just think I can help you out with something, I’ll do my best.

Since 2019, I’ve been awarded as a Microsoft MVP, in the developer technologies category.

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Other content

Besides this blog, I also use a couple of other mediums where I publish content, namely a YouTube channel, for which I’ll leave an example playlist below.

About the blog

Blog created using Hugo, used Bulma to try to hide my lack of design skills, code hosted on GitHub and the generated assets served by Netlify.

About the name

As widely known in the software development business, naming is hard! 😀

Due to this indisputable fact, when I was trying to come up with a name for the blog, something more easily remembered than my name, particularly for non-portuguese speakers, I turned to one of my favorite things: heavy metal music. I jotted down some names from songs and albums, to try and think if I could adapt to the context of coding. One of the names that came up was Metal Militia, a song by Metallica, and that’s where Coding Militia came from 🙂🤘.

And the logo that you’ll see in some places, like the YouTube channel, is also Metallica inspired.

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