Another week, another bunch of links!

I think I’ll reduce the cadence from now on though, to do a little more of my own posts/videos and not have the blog almost exclusively filled with links 🙂.


“Writing logs to Elasticsearch with Fluentd using Serilog in ASP.NET Core”

The title says it all 🙂 Nice and simple article on the subject.

“Techie to tech lead: My five biggest mistakes”

Interesting article on some mistakes one might make when transitioning from a technical role to a leadership one.


“GOTO 2018 • Pragmatic Event-Driven Microservices • Allard Buijze”

Another talk on microservices and communication patterns between them (I sure watch a lot of these don’t I?! 😛)

“Spotify’s Reliable Event Delivery System”

Nice talk on the event delivery system developed at Spotify. Interesting to know the challenges faced not only while building it, but also some that were discovered while operating it in production.