This week, no reading, just watching 🙂

(Now that I’m looking at it closely, all the videos are from NDC Oslo 2018)


“Finding your service boundaries - a practical guide - Adam Ralph”

Great talk on defining the service boundaries, one of the topics I find most challenging when creating a new system, but also very interesting.

“Containers in Production: It’s Like Orchestrating Cats - David Ostrovsky”

Cool practical talk on things to keep in mind to correctly orchestrate containers in Docker.

“Building Event-Driven Microservices with Event Sourcing and CQRS - Lidan Hifi”

Nice talk on Event Sourcing and CQRS backed by a real world example of it’s usage on the Wix platform.

“Adapting ASP.NET Core MVC to your needs - Filip W”

Really good talk on configuring and extending ASP.NET to fit our needs, in less usual ways that may be really helpful depending on the scenario.