Another week gone by (and this wasn’t a cold one over here), another bunch of links.


“Imaginary problems, the root of bad software”

Very nice post on the problems, the real and the imaginary ones, we face on our jobs. After reading I’m pretty confident you can relate.

“Pipelines - a guided tour of the new IO API in .NET, part 3”

Another really nice article on .NET’s pipelines from Marc Gravell. Really thorough and awesome to get to know these lower level network and IO related topics, really different from the usual application code many of us write daily.

“Clean, DRY, SOLID Spaghetti”

Nice reminder that just blindly following some rules/best practices doesn’t guarantee good code.

“What are good ways to learn software architecture and systems design? “

Interesting discussion on architecture and systems design learning resources.

“Creating a CI/CD pipeline for a .NET library”

Shameless plug to a series of posts I shared this past week on creating a continuous integration/delivery pipeline for a .NET library, using tools freely available, although some are only free for open source projects, which is the case I’m presenting in the posts.