[Redirect Magazine] #17 - Using containers for build environments, configuration in .NET Core, HTTPS all the things, containerized distributed data stores and Shopify's architecture

By João Antunes

- 1 minutes read - 166 words

Another pair of each to wrap up the weekend.


“Containers - What Are They Good For? Crafting our Build Environments”

Quick post on using Docker containers to create a build environment for .NET projects.

“Deep Dive into Microsoft Configuration”

Excellent thorough walkthrough of the configuration system used in .NET Core applications.

“HTTPS Is Easy!”

Don’t be one of those that says “my site doesn’t need HTTPS because of reasons”! HTTPS all the things!


“GOTO 2018 • Distributed Data Stores on Kubernetes • Alena Hall”

Very interesting talk on using distributed data stores in a container environment, in this case Kubernetes. Not something I’ve tried yet but it’s a topic I was interested in from the first time I played around with containers.

## ["GOTO 2017 • Shopify's Architecture to handle 80K RPS Celebrity Sales • Simon Eskildsen"]( Always cool to have a look at the architecture of large scale applications like Shopify, and how they handle the massive amounts of load they get.

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