[Redirect Magazine] #16 - Sharing sources through NuGet, modern .NET overview, some more microservices and a tour through programming history

By João Antunes

- 1 minutes read - 144 words

Another week, another round, today more videos than articles.


“Source Code Only NuGet Packages”

Knowing I could do this would have been useful in the past… at least I know now :)


“Why I’m Not Leaving .NET - Mark Rendle”

A tour on some features that make it working with .NET right now one of the best times it has ever been.

## ["Microservices: How To Build Systems That Survive"]( Some ideas on using microservices (or small components as it's referred to by the speaker) to build systems that aren't completely rebuilt every now and then, but rather replacing components as needed (eventually leading to a completely rewritten system code anyway).

## ["GOTO 2018 • Old Is the New New • Kevlin Henney"]( Kevlin Henney with another tour on our "new" software development ideas and paradigms, and where they came from.

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