[Redirect Magazine] #15 - Performance with strings in .NET, cryptography, Node.js issues, microservices and clean architecture

By João Antunes

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Today, besides the usual articles and videos, I added a podcast into the mix.


“Strings Are Evil”

Very cool article on massively improving the performance of a document parsing application, mainly in regard to memory allocations, and the issues working with strings carelessly in .NET can cause.

“Timing vulnerabilities with CBC-mode symmetric decryption using padding”

Using cryptography correctly ain’t a walk in a park. I don’t usually read much about this topic, but it’s important to at least be alert to some things, so we’re able to talk to someone who really understands the topic and we can be confident our code isn’t vulnerability ridden.


“10 Things I Regret About Node.js - Ryan Dahl - JSConf EU 2018”

Interesting talk from the creator of Node.js on what he regrets on the platform and how he feels it could be improved.

## ["Why you should never build Microservices - and why we do it anyway - Martin Larsen"]( The talk is a bit too slow paced, but it has some good reminders of the problems going with microservices may bring. It’s always good to remember it’s not just rainbows and butterflies.

# Podcasts ## [".NET Rocks - Clean Architecture with Steve Smith"]( Very interesting.NET Rocks episode on clean architecture, where, among other things, a different way to organize an ASP.NET Core application is discussed.
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