Here ye go!


“Announcing .NET Core 2.1”

.NET Core 2.1 is now final and here’s what it brings.

“The Twelve-Factor App”

Nice set of guidelines on developing applications (focusing on SaaS). This is really far from new, but I only recently got around to reading the whole thing. By now most of what’s described sounds a bit obvious, but it’s good it’s written somewhere.

“The Reactive Manifesto”

In the spirit of the previous article, another set of recommendations for application development, making them “reactive”. This has more of a focus on distributed systems and how the various components should interact.


“Ready for Readable Code? - John Papa”

Focused on Angular but applies to pretty much any technology, some tips to get readable code.

“Cloud-Scale Event Processing with the Reactive Extensions (Rx) - Bart De Smet”

Really nice talk on using Rx (.NET) in cloud scenarios, showing a bunch of really cool stuff like composing an event stream query locally to run in the cloud.