Had to get into some last minute reading to have enough links to share, but here they are! :)


“Task, Async Await, ValueTask, IValueTaskSource and how to keep your sanity in modern .NET world”

Starting with some history and getting into the latest additions, a nice little intro into the asynchronous features in .NET.

“Tame Your Giant, Beastly Dependency Injection Registration Class and Ride It Into Glorious Victory “

Some recommendations on taking care of the dependency injection configuration code.

“How to Use Git Merge [the Correct Way] “

Introductory article on using Git merge. Although I normally also develop using feature branches, I’d like to add that some prefer avoiding it, as sometimes the merges can be a pain when there are conflicts. Using other strategies like feature toggles can be useful. The video I added below about Spotify’s engineering culture mentions this, as well as some comments on the article.


“Spotify Engineering Culture Full Video (Agile Enterprise Transition with Scrum and Kanban)”

Very cool video on Spotify’s engineering culture a colleague shared some time ago, but I only remembered to add to the magazine today, when reading the article on Git merge.

“Entity Framework Core 2.1: Simple, Powerful Data Access for .NET : Build 2018”

A look at what’s new in Entity Framework Core 2.1 (including some sweet performance improvements) and what’s next.