This past week had Microsoft Build and Google I/O, lots of stuff to check out (and so little time).


".NET Core 3 and Support for Windows Desktop Applications"

Some insights on whats coming in .NET Core. Many things are Windows only, but at least those that still need to target specifically Windows will be able to take advantage of .NET Core goodies when building desktop applications (WPF and Windows Forms).

“Version vs VersionSuffix vs PackageVersion: What do they all mean?”

A look at what all the version numbers available to set on a .NET Core project mean.

“Visual Studio Live Share”

Still preview, but tried it a bit and was really quick and easy to setup and use.

“Version 6 of Angular Now Available”

The new stuff in the latest version of Angular - I really should look at it more often than I do, considering I use it at work :P.


“Meet the new stack for real-time web communication: ASP.NET Core SignalR”

Very cool demo of the new ASP.NET Core SignalR. Never really played that much with the old version but this one really seems cool and easy to use. Plus, Damian Edwards and David Fowler always make the best presentations!