“Another day, another carrot”… I mean, another redirect magazine!


“It’s time to give Firefox a fresh chance”

While not directly code related, I think this is an important topic. As developers we, better than anyone else, should know that having an application only work well on one browser is terrible. We haven’t even got rid of those horrible sites that require us to fire up Internet Explorer (and Java applets for that matter) and are slipping into a similar scenario with Chrome. Granted Chrome is a great browser, but that shouldn’t make it an excuse to be lazy and disregard everything else. As long as it’s not a steaming pile of crap and implements the standards, it should work.

“Performance Improvements in .NET Core 2.1”

Things just keep getting bettet! Lots of performance improvements in .NET Core 2.1.

“An Old Dog Learning New Tricks”

Cool article on the importance (and joy) of learning new things, regardless of age.


“C# 7 - Jon Skeet”

Walk-through of the features introduced in C# 7 by the legend himself, Mr. Jon Skeet.

“C# 7.1, and 7.2: The releases you didn’t know you had - Bill Wagner”

Some more C# language features, this time on 7.1 and 7.2, with a glimpse on 7.3 and 8. Be aware that the sound is low until about minute 22.

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