Some more reading/watching material. A bit more Go this week, as I would love to use it to build something but haven’t got around to do it - my attention span in pet projects is terrible, I start one thing then get another idea and forget the previous :)


“Is the repository pattern useful with Entity Framework Core?”

An alternative point of view on the much used repository pattern.

“Go vs C#, part 1: goroutines vs async-await”

An interesting read, not really for the performance tests, but mostly because of the pretty significant differences in working with async code between C# and Go.


“Philip Roberts: What the heck is the event loop anyway? | JSConf EU 2014”

Nice little insight into what the JavaScript event loop is and an overview of the inner workings of the JS runtime.

“Brian Ford - Zones - NG-Conf 2014”

A quick talk on what’s Zone.js, a JavaScript framework that’s used behind the scenes in Angular to provide an execution context shared across async tasks.

“GopherCon 2017: Kavya Joshi - Understanding Channels”

Quick but informative dive into concurrency in Go, more specifically, how channels work.

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