Here comes another round of interesting reads/watches.


“Command line “tab” completion for .NET Core CLI in PowerShell or bash”

Something I had no clue that existed:.NET command line autocomplete and static file server.

“Diving deep into JavaScript array – evolution & performance “

Some insights on the array performance in JavaScript.

“Dataflow (Task Parallel Library)”

I had no clue there was an actor model like API tied into the TPL. Always nice to find out (even if years late).

“ASP.NET Core Development in Linux”

Some tips for getting up and running developing .NET applications (in this case, ASP.NET Core) in Linux. I’ve already been working in a similar fashion, but it’s nice someone took the time to gather the info in one article.


“Federico Lois — Patterns for high-performance C#”

Another talk from the RavenDB guys on hardcore performance improvement techniques.

I’ll be back, cyaz!