“Creating Domain-Driven Design entity classes with Entity Framework Core”

Nice approach to implement domain driven design entity classes using EF Core. Some prior ideas on DDD might help in better understanding the article, but at very least it might pique your interest in learning more about it.

“Exploring the Microsoft.AspNetCore.App shared framework in ASP.NET Core 2.1 (preview 1)”

Overview of the way an ASP.NET Core application dependencies are handled, and the changes introduced from 2.0 to 2.1.

“Improving the performance of .NET applications using well implemented value types”

Nice example going through the difference between classes and structs in .NET and the impacts the choice may have on performance.

“17 JavaScript / node.js performance coding tips to make applications faster”

Some tips for better performance in JavaScript.

“Logging v. instrumentation”

Interesting read on differences between logging and instrumentation.


“Oren Eini - Extreme Performance Architecture”

Very interesting talk on performance, using the case study of RavenDB, written in C#.

Thanks for reading, cyaz!