Here comes another round of (interesting?) links!


“Stack Overflow Developer Survey Results 2018”

Always good to check out the state of our world.

“Service Fabric is going open source”

I’m sharing this not really for the content itself, which is not very thorough on the subject, but because we keep seeing this fundamental shift in Microsoft’s strategy, making more and more stuff open source, and that’s very cool!

“I am a mediocre developer “

Yes, it’s an ironic title :) Some good advice over here.

“The Git Rebase Introduction I Wish I’d Had “

Quick intro to git rebase, as some people seem afraid of using it :).

“My couple of cents on remote work”

(Shameless self promotion) post I written this week on some ideas I feel are less talked about in regards of working remotely.


“RailsConf 2014 - Keynote: Writing Software by David Heinemeier Hansson”

On focusing on writing software and avoid being completely tangled in patterns and practices (TDD is particularly bashed on this one).

One might not agree with everything, but some good points are made.

By @dhh, creator of Ruby on Rails. Beware, lots of the cursing.

“Code Reviews: Honesty, Kindness, Inspiration (aka A New Framework For Giving Feedback)”

Some ideas on code reviews, including a proposed process. Not really sure on the process part, but there are some interesting thoughts going on.

“Reactive Programming: Why It Matters”

Pretty straight forward intro to reactive programming.

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