Haven’t shared anything in a while, but that doesn’t mean I’m not up to something (I even recorded a video based on the Docker + Angular + ASP.NET Core post, but the sound turned out crappy and I scratched that).

To try to avoid these times I don’t share something I created, I thought of starting a (hopefully) weekly “magazine” linking to some stuff I’ve been reading/watching.


“JPEG, GIF, PNG OR SVG - Which should You use?”

Some guidance on image formats to use on your web app.

“Empathy in Dev and Ops”

More high level talking about those WTF moments when we see some hideous code (and our reactions).


“Procedural Programming: It’s Back? It Never Went Away”

Nice talk for some history on the nice things we get on our programming languages and always thing they’re the latest and greatest, until we see the same concepts used in languages from before we were born :)

The talk is by @kevlinhenney. Not the first I’ve seen of him, and they tend to be rather entertaining.

“Answering Tricky JS Interview Questions”

Some JS shenanigans people may ask on interviews.

“WHY You Should Build A Progressive Web App NOW”

Interesting stuff on the benefits of PWAs.

“The Frontend Is A Full Stack”

More on the amount of parts composing a modern frontend.

“Beautiful REST & JSON APIs”

Now unto the backend, with some ideas on REST & JSON APIs.

"[Ben Adams] - What’s new for performance in .NET Core 2.0 @ CORESTART 2.0 / Prague 2017"

Talk about .NET Core 2.0 performance goodies. We’re almost in 2.1, but there’s still interesting stuff to learn here.

“Things I Was Unprepared For As A Lead Developer”

Nice insights on a move into a lead developer role.