And with this legendary quote [1] , I open the hostilities in this new blog.

I’ve been thinking about creating something like this for a while, but the thought that probably I didn’t have much to add to the myriad of coding blogs and sites out there, and maybe a tad of laziness, has delayed me for a couple of years.

My main goal is to talk about specific problems I had and how I solved them. I’m sure most of the times I’ll post something seen elsewhere, but adjusted to my particular problems. Hopefully sometimes I can come out with something that’s not that easy to find through the interwebs. In summary, it’ll be like a log of some of the stuff I do, so I can get back to it later and maybe assist someone in the process (and probably learn from someone who chimes in to improve my shenanigans).

What to expect in terms of tech? I’m mostly a .NET guy, so that’ll probably be my main focus, but I do like to play around with other stuff so more things will go ‘round in this ball park. I’m still thinking if there’s gonna be space for non code related posts or if I’ll just keep those in Twitter of the likes of it.

One thing I’ll definitely try is to get some of my friends to post here as well. I’m sure they’ll be as able or more than me to put out some cool stuff.

So stay tuned for some awesome (or not) code, old school hammering and the occasional rant!


[1] - Leeroy Jenkins @ YouTube (jump to 01m20s if you don’t want to see the whole video)